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1. We will speed up the claim settlement process.

When a claim is registered with an insurance company a Loss Adjuster is usually appointed by the company to deal with the claim on their behalf. A property owner in trying to deal with an insurance claim on their own is at a distinct disadvantage in that they will not be aware of their full entitlements under the policy. A Loss Assessor who is familiar with the terms of the policy document and the claims process can compile and submit your claim in a timely fashion thus speeding up the process.

2. We can reduce the stress in making the claim.

We all know that dealing with a fire, flood or water damage is one of the most stressful things that can happen in a home. On top of that, when you add dealing with an insurance company, loss adjuster, cleaners, obtaining quotes for building repairs, professional cleaning etc. to the mix then things can get very hectic. Engaging a Public Loss Assessor who can take over the entire claims process on your behalf can enable you to focus on the things that really matter such as family, home life and business concerns. We can deal with and handle all the insurance claim negotiations and paperwork on your behalf.

3. Loss Assessors obtain better claim settlements

Perhaps this is your first, second or third claim and you feel you know how the claim process works by now.
Guess what?
Your insurance company processes thousands of claims each year. They are experts at reducing claim settlements. With our expertise in claim management we can ensure that clients obtain the maximum they are entitled to. It has been proven that on average claimants using a Public Loss Assessor can receive 37% more in settlements than when claims are handled by an individual.

Appointing a Public Loss Assessor will help you get the maximum value from your insurance claim. We will work hard to ensure that your settlement matches the amount of damage that has occurred.

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