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My property has suffered damage, what should I do?
Contact your Loss Assessor immediately and they will notify your insurance company of the loss on your behalf. What if I have already been in contact with the insurance company?
It is not too late, you can still appoint a Loss Assessor What is a Loss Adjuster?
A Loss Adjuster works on behalf of insurance company. They are appointed by the Insurance company to represent their interests
Why do I need a Loss Assessor?
A Loss Assessor will work for the policyholder to ensure that you receive the maximum settlement under the terms of your policy
What does a Loss Assessor do?
A Loss Assessor manages the entire claim process, from assessment of damage, preparing a costing for repair, submission of claim to meeting with the Loss Adjuster and negotiating a settlement.
Do you work on a No Win-No Fee Basis?
Yes, we operate on a "No Win-No Fee" basis. i.e. If your claim is unsuccessful, we do not charge a fee. Our charges are normally based on a percentage of the settlement achieved and the percentage will be agreed during our first meeting with you.

It does not cost anything to seek our advice on any situation. Please give us a call on 087 6820821

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